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Psst! The One Change: FUEL campaign is here!
If every Canadian driver checked and maintained proper tire pressure on a regular basis, together we’d save over $600 million on fuel, cut 1.4 million tones of CO2, and prevent traffic accidents caused by poorly inflated tires. Not to mention, your tires will last longer.
Psst! One Change: Fuel is here
So save money, help the planet, and protect yourself and your passengers. Keep an accurate tire gauge in your car and remember to check and maintain your tire pressure each month and before any long road trips (after you load the car).

One Change: Fuel is a grassroots action campaign that empowers people to believe that simple actions matter. It is designed to encourage motorists to adopt good tire maintenance and fuel efficiency behaviours that will put more money in your pocket and help protect the environment - simple actions matter! For more information on the One Change: Fuel campaign click here.
Project Porchlight New Jersey’s Record-Breaking Weekend
Just how busy were Project Porchlight New Jersey’s staff and volunteers during the weekend of July 25 & 26?

Project Porchlight New Jersey staff and volunteers

Check out the number of bulbs they distributed, and you’ll get some idea: Hard-working Project Porchlight staff and volunteers all over New Jersey distributed a record number of energy-efficient compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs between Friday and Sunday - a total of 14,486 CFL bulbs!

The energy savings represented by that number of CFL bulbs is equivalent to removing 485,000 pounds of greenhouse gases from the air we breathe.

Not bad for a weekend’s work! Read more here.
Volunteer with One Change!
One Change is always looking for new and amazing volunteers!

Whether you live in areas where upcoming or ongoing campaigns are taking place (in Ottawa, New Jersey, and Puget Sound), or whether you’d just like to bring One Change campaigns to your community, we’d love to have you sign up. Our dream is to bring our campaigns to all parts of Canada and the U.S. - and your interest and support can help make it happen!

Visit our web site to find out more and sign up to volunteer today.
  Port Orchard, WA’s John Relaford Shares his Unique Vision with Project Porchlight
John Relaford in Port Orchard Everyone has the power to adapt and make a change, no matter what their circumstances. That’s the message John Relaford wants to share with the world. And he’s certainly in a position to speak on the subject. The Port Orchard, WA resident has been given more challenges than the average person - not that you’d know it to talk to him. Legally blind, John has only partial vision in one eye. But that hasn’t stopped him from running a successful freelance photography business, getting around independently on a customized bicycle, volunteering his time to help better the community, and having an unfettered desire to explore the world and discover new things.

Read more about John’s volunteer experience with Project Porchlight here.
President Barack Obama knows that simple actions matter!
Click here to view a video of President of the United States and Energy Secretary Steven Chu announcing the importance of simple actions to promote energy efficiency across America.
President Obama
Ottawa Gets En-Gauged At One Change: Fuel SuperEX Launch
Not a single fuel-saving digital tire gauge was left by the time the One Change: Fuel team packed up to go home on August 20. We spent the day at Ottawa’s SuperEX marking the official launch of One Change’s new fuel efficiency campaign, and we couldn’t have had a better day if we’d tried. Even Mother Nature was smiling on us, holding the rain off all afternoon even as dark storm clouds loomed overhead.

People were milling about our booth and gathering at the stage to see what was going on long before things got started. They tried out our demonstration pieces, proving to themselves just how big a difference properly-inflated tires can make. And they had a great time exploring our funky Nissan Cube on loan from VRTUCAR.

Read more here...
  Simple Action of the Month: Stay cool with a ceiling fan
As the heat of summer sets in, many folks look to cool down their homes with air conditioners. While A/C may be effective, it isn’t efficient. Air conditioning sucks so much energy, it can cost more than $40 a month to operate!

Instead, consider installing an ENERGY STAR-qualified ceiling fan, which can cost as little at 10 cents a month in energy. With temperatures rising, wouldn’t it be nice to see your energy bill melt away?
A ceiling fan
ENERGY STAR-qualified ceiling fans move air more efficiently and can cut your electricity bill by as much as 60% compared to standard models. So to maximize your savings, be sure to look for the ENERGY STAR logo. And if you install a model with lights, don’t forget to use energy-efficient CFL bulbs!

When it comes time to serving your grilled delicacies, use reusable dishes, glasses, and silverware. Cloth napkins add a nice touch, too. You’ll keep more change in your pocket and less trash in the landfill.

Visit our web site to learn more about this and other Simple Actions that Matter.
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